Let's fly a little higher...


When in summer 2017 my daughter had started to enjoy gymnastics, I was searching for an airtrack that would allow her to train at home. After days of research, I had to
realize that prices of inflatable air tracks were extremely high. I asked myself if I was
truly ready to pay such a huge amount of money? – To be honest, I was not and I wondered whether other people might feel the same way.

The following days I intensified my online investigation and learned about a material called ‘double wall fabric’ which is used to build airtracks and other amazing products. I studied videos on youtube, read through forums and articles, until I got the idea of making an airtrack for my daughter with my own hands.

So the project started. I bought tools for pvc welding, glue and tailoring equipment, the fabric that was needed and turned my garage into a work shop. Here I spent entire evenings after work to measure, cut, glue, pump, and eventually test my first airtrack prototype. It was not perfect, but needless to say, I was able to make a young lady very happy when presenting her the result of my work.
During the process of researching and manufacturing, I got inspired and I began to think of my own airtrack business with a self-designed production line. I felt the wish to give other gymnasts the best possible equipment to evolve their full potential.

Now; this dream, which has started in a small garage in Norway, turned into AIIR - an enterprise that contains plenty of work and dedication. A close cooperation with leading manufacturers has enabled me to offer a range of AIIR-products and matching extras to customers from Scandinavia, Europe and the world with a quality that meets all needs.

Let me invite you to browse a bit through the AIIR universe!

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