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Is an AirTrack distributor with nearly worldwide distribution. With a close cooperation with one of the world's leading manufacturers, we have developed our own AirTrack design.

Our goal is to keep the Aiir products' unique design as a super quality brand. There are several manufacturers and suppliers that sell AirTracks of cheaper and poorer quality both on materials and production.

Simple seam
Our products hold simple seams at the joints, making the product easier to roll together, and the product slightly lighter in weight. A properly manufactured AirTrack does not need extra seams or reinforcements to keep the pressure.

Be aware that some manufacturers hide spills and irregularities with an extra strip of PVC around the edge, or behind the layer of Velcro. These models are twice as difficult, and sometimes almost impossible to repair properly if the seams begin to leak. 

All our products use the best raw materials on the market.
Each product is handmade and 2-component adhesive is used to harden the joints properly.
All products are pressure tested for 2-3 days.


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